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Injuries to nerves from trauma often result in a permanent loss in sensation. But at Coastal Empire Orthopedics located in Savannah, Georgia, Dr. Jonathan Shults is specially trained in state-of-the-art techniques to help repair nerves damaged due to injuries or lacerations. To learn how you can benefit from nerve repair techniques, call the office or book an appointment online.

Nerve Repairs Q & A

What are nerve injuries?

You most often suffer a nerve injury in the arms, hands, and legs as a result of a fall, automobile accident, or sharp trauma — as from a knife or sharp glass. When a nerve is damaged, you experience a loss of sensation or weakness in the affected area.

Although partially injured nerves may heal on their own with time, nerves that are not healing on their own require surgical intervention to restore feeling and function.

What are the symptoms of nerve damage?

The reduced sensation is a common symptom of nerve damage. Other telltale signs include:

  • Numbness, when a nerve that transmits sensation is damaged
  • Weakness, when a nerve responsible for movement is damaged
  • Pain, which usually occurs at the injury site

The symptoms may come on gradually if compression, inflammation, or swelling is causing your nerve damage. If a nerve is cut or severed, the symptoms may be evident right away.

What treatments are available to repair injured nerves?

Dr. Shults can perform surgeries that repair injured nerves. The procedures involve exploring the injured nerve and removing any injured tissue. Then, he can reconnect the nerve as long as enough length is left on both ends without making it too tense or stretched.

If there isn’t enough healthy nerve to reattach, he may seek a nonessential nerve from another part of your body for transfer in a process known as nerve grafting. He uses an operating microscope to provide the best visual picture of the fibers and create a successful outcome.

How does the nerve recover from surgery?

Once the nerve has been repaired, its fibers begin to grow from the repair site and extend to the skin and muscles of the area to restore function and feeling. This happens at the rate of about one inch per month. It can thus take several weeks or months for the positive effects of the nerve repair surgery to take effect. As your nerves heal, you may still have some weakness and feel pins-and-needles sensations in the affected area.

If you have nerve damage that has caused pain or a loss of sensation, call Coastal Empire Orthopedics to learn about state-of-the-art nerve-repair techniques that can help restore your feeling and function.